17 Aug 2018

Milton Keynes Top Property Lettings Director

'10 Minute Tip' by Danielle Withers-Brown - Milton Keynes Top Property Lettings Director - 7:15am to 9:30am

Danielle Withers-Brown has been in the lettings industry for over 14 years, starting as a trainee negotiator. She has worked her way up through the ranks to Lettings Director. In those 14 years Danielle has been lucky enough to work in both the corporate sector & for family owned businesses.

Danielle has been at Inspired Sales & Lettings for 6 years as Lettings Director.  She loves to help landlords like you with your successful property investment journey.  Danielle can make sure you find the right property. She can also advise you on what will be required to get the right tenants at the right rental figure. She will also do the leg work for you to find that tenant, with referencing, contracts & even managing the property for you.

About the conversation:

How to spot a bad client before you do business with them

There are a few simple things to be aware of which help you spot a bad client & therefore avoid doing any business with them.

Danielle Withers-Brown has over 14 years professional experience in the property lettings industry.  She has worked for both corporates & small businesses.

Danielle has dealt with many types of tenants & clients & has gained a very clear understanding of every type of client. Danielle has negotiated & agreed hundreds of tenancies in her time & learnt from bitter experience how to spot the bad ones & avoid doing business with them.

Danielle‚Äôs experience with property lettings is directly comparable with how we can all assess new clients in any other business.  So, whilst this tip will be a huge help to any property investors, the learnings from it will apply to all small business owners & professionals dealing with clients.